domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Ik heb bier gedronken en kaas gegeten! xD

Seems like every time I post something here I'm a bit closer to achieve my dream! That's so nice!
But of course, nothing can ever be just as simple, and there'll always be difficulties to overcome along the way...

So that's my story for this week:

For the past month, I've been talking a nice family from Naarden. We had a lot to talk about, many things to settle... and finally this week, we decided to do the "match", which means the family will receive me as their au pair for the next one year, starting in August!

Nevertheless, things got a bit complicated this weekend when the agency requested the final payment (for having helped me find a good family and to guarantee my safety during the whole program), and my father (who was responsible for doing that) had totally forgotten about that! And guess what? He spent the money!
So my mom suggested that I paid it and my dad would pay me back afterwards, but when I said I didn't have enough money we had a big fight! My parents just had an "attack" because they think I should have saved more money throughout the past years and blah blah blah... I know I really should have, but honestly, what can I do now?  Anyways...

I thought I'd be more excited when I found my host family, but I only seem to get more scared as things work better and better!

What I'm really excited about right now are my Dutch classes! It's not so difficult as I'd thought and I'm doing better than I'd expected! The best thing about them is that my "juffrow" and I always go out together to try beers from different parts of the world!
This week was a Greek beer named Mythos that tasted really good! And last week was the famous German Erdinger! And oh man, I'm definitely gonna have a lot of this beer when I visit Germany! xD

These happy hours of beer drinking make me fantasize so much about my new life! And yet it makes me scared... lol

All I know is that only time will tell whether I made a good or bad choice! ^^

Cheers! xxx

segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2011

Alles goed!

And here I am again, much sooner than I'd expected!

So many news in so little time, I can't even believe all the good things that've happened to me lately...

To begin with, my journey as a future au pair's been goin' way better than I could've thought! In less than one month I found a nice family, talked to them on the phone, defined the match (whether we're gonna accept each other or not, and in my case it was positive!), settled the house rules and preferences, defined the my arrival at the Netherlands... well, that's a lot already!
I couldn't be happier about this, everything's goin' right as planned! 8)

That's where I'm gonna be living for the next one year starting in late August:

But now that everything is much more real, all the doubts and anxiousness start popping out... I have so much to think about, so many things to plan like:
-What to take and what not to take with me in a one-year long trip out of the country;
- What to do with the kids when I find myself out of new ideas to entertain them;
- What presents should I bring the family;
And several other questions that have been plaguing my mind for the last few weeks... I'd appreciate advices here!

All in all, things seem to be running in perfect order and I've no complaints (which is new! hehe).

Just hope life keeps following this track...

Next post will be bout my Dutch classes and how they're going.

Catch yall later! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx