sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2011

The New Adventures Of An Old Dreamer

Again it's been a long time, but I've finally decided to work on this thing! :)

Just thought I'd put this blog up for something a bit more useful, so, from now on, I'm gonna use this space to write about my adventures on the way to being an Au Pair in Holland!

To start up, an Au Pair is usually a girl (in some cases boy) who is hired by a foreign family to take care of their children. The au pair must live with the new family for a minimum time of one year in their home country, so she/he will be given the opportunity to study a new language or anything else she/he wishes to study in this period.

Girls usually prefer to go to the USA to be au pairs, but I, as usual, had to things differently, and therefore have chosen to go to Holland. Why? Because I really wanted to go to Europe, and among the options the agency offered me (Austria, Germany and France), Holland seemed the most plausible choice, once it is only demanded that the au pair speaks fluent English (and not the local language) to be accepted there.

So, exact 2 months after I'd made up my mind about being an au pair in Holland, I received the good news: a Dutch family interested in hiring me, to start in mid august this year! :D

I won't reveal their names for obvious reasons, but they seem to be a very nice and traditional Dutch family from Naarden, a very small province near Hilversum and Amsterdam! I'm really excited about it, and the host mother said she intends to give me a call next week, so as soon as I have news I'll post it up here!

Most likely nobody will be reading or giving any importance to this shit, but it's important to me and I feel like sharing it with the entire world! So, if you happen to run across this blog and sympathize with it, or just wanna act like you give a damn, then leave me a comment and I'll be glad! :)

This is it for now, smell ya later buddies.

Stay Beautiful ;)